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        首頁 > 激光器 > 氣體激光器 > Ar離子激光器 > The NEW Quantum 9 SHG Deep UV Laser
        The NEW Quantum 9 SHG Deep UV Laser
        PDF 文檔: DownloadThe NEW Quantum 9 SHG Deep UV Laserdetails Document

        The Lexel 95-SHG gas-ion laser provides continuous-wave deep ultraviolet coherent laser light with up to 250mW output. (For lower power output in a more compact laser, see our 85-SHG model.) The 95-SHG laser is based on the proven Lexel 95 series. The 95-SHG is an intracavity frequency-doubled system equipped with a nonlinear BBO crystal, to produce Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) deep UV coherent laser light. It uses the simplest, most stable three-mirror folded cavity design for frequency doubling. This provides two benefits:

        • True hands-free laser operation in the ultraviolet.

        • A high-quality TEM00 beam that's suitable even for highly mode-sensitive applications.

        Deep UV Applications

        The 95-SHG is designed for long, stable life in a variety of scientific and industrial applications needing coherent deep UV laser light.

          Scientific applications

          Industrial applications

        • Optical Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
        • Resonance Raman spectroscopy light source
        • Microscopy light source
        • Capillary electrophoresis (CE)
        • Protein science (protein folding, protein secondary structure)
        • Interferometric optic testing
        • Semiconductor photolithography
        • Semiconductor reticle inspection
        • Semiconductor wafer testing
        • Semiconductor surface Raman spectroscopy


        The BBO crystal (Beta Barium Borate: BaB2O4) is mounted on either a Manual Micrometer Stage or an optional Crystal Automatic Transition (CAT) Stage. The CAT stage provides true hands-free operation for industrial applications, by eliminating the need for BBO crystal tune-up.

        A continuous supply of dry nitrogen is required when the system is operating.

        Custom laser wavelengths, other than the standard ones shown below, are available. Contact Cambridge Lasers with your requirements.


        Visible wavelength1 Output power, mW SHG wavelength2 Output power, mW
        568.2 nm 225 284 nm 10
        528.7 nm 420 264 nm 10
        514.5 nm 2400 257 nm 200
        501.7 nm 480 250 nm 10
        496.5 nm 750 248 nm 30
        488.0 nm 1800 244 nm 100
        476.5 nm 720 238 nm 10
        457.9 nm 420 229 nm 10
        1 Single line operation. Some wavelengths require special optics.
        2 One SHG wavelength per BBO crystal.



          514nm wavelength 257nm wavelength
        Mode TEM00 TEM00
        Beam diameter3 ≤ 1.5 mm .6 x .7 mm
        Beam divergence (full angle) ≤ 0.6 mrad .7 x 1.3 mrad
        Beam polarization Horizontal Vertical
        Power stability4 (light control) ±0.2% ±1 %
        3 Beam diameter measured at the front of output coupler
        4 After one hour warm-up



        Electrical service requirements 208VAC, 3 phase Wye or Delta
        50A, 50/60 Hz
        Cooling water flow 2.2 gpm at 20-70 psi
        (8.5 liter/min at 1.4-4.9 Kg/cm
        Cooling water source Filtered tap water
        Incoming water temperature 50-90° F (10-35° C)
        Non-condensing environment
        N2 flow rate 1 liter/min, 0.3 - 0.5 psi
        Laser head, L x W x HClick here for dimensional drawing 53.5 x 7.2 x 5.8 inches
        (135.9 x 18.3 x 15 cm)
        Power supply,
        depth x W x H
        19.3 x 16.6 x 10.8 inches
        (48.9 x 42.2 x 27.4 inches)
        Laser head, weight Uncrated: 85 lbs (39 kg)
        Crated: 126 lbs (57 kg)
        Power supply, weight Uncrated: 125 lbs (57 kg)
        Crated: 144 lbs (65 kg)

        Specifications as of 5/2003. Subject to change without notice.

        Power supply,
        head and tube

        The Lexel 95-SHG laser is CDRH-certified with all safety features. It comes with a two-year/2,000 hour warranty on the system (excluding the BBO crystal). The BBO crystal for a CAT stage is warranted for 1 year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first; for a manual stage crystal, the warranty is 90 days.

        Power supply
        The power supply front panel contains all controls necessary to operate and fully monitor the laser system.

        • Linear low noise power supply
        • Current and light regulation
        • 0-10V external modulation
        • Panel mounted power meter
        • Automatic starting
        • Remote turn-on capability

        Laser head
        Within the laser head, an ultra-stable solid Invar® optical resonator holds the plasma tube and mirrors in precise alignment to produce deep UV coherent laser light.

        • Solid Invar® resonator
        • Temperature-compensated prism wavelength selector
        • Fine tuning capability
        • Multiline mirror holder for all lines operation

        Laser tube
        A simple and reliable plasma tube design. Lexel's solid ceramic plasma tube design has been proven since 1972, while other ion laser manufacturers have tried and abandoned several designs in an attempt to match Lexel's stability and performance. In fact, a majority of the more than 18,000 Lexel plasma tubes still operate today, some with 20,000 hours use.

        • Sealed intracavity spaces
        • Free-flow gas supply
        • High-efficiency solid ceramic plasma tube

        Standard features

        Current and light regulationThe Lexel 95-SHG laser can be operated in current or UV light control:

        n Current regulation allows direct control of the current through the plasma tube via an external source.

        n UV light regulation provides the ultimate in UV laser output stabilization. A small portion of the UV light is sampled within the laser and compared to a reference signal in a differential circuit that automatically adjust the laser current to maintain a constant output.
             This feature also allows for the UV light level to be modulated externally with a ± 10 volt signal.

        Fine tuning
        The laser is aligned accurately with the use of fine tuning knobs.

        Remote turn on This feature permits the laser power supply to be turned on and off and the plasma tube to be started remotely.

        Automatic startingThis circuit automatically starts the plasma tube approximately 20 seconds after the power supply is turned on.

        Panel-mounted power meterThis multirange power meter continuously displays the output power of the laser.

        Optional features

        Resonator Cavity Stabilization System

        Crystal Automatic Translation (CAT)

        Model 503-S Temperature Controlled Etalon Assembly
        The extremely stable 503-S etalon assembly allows single longitudinal mode operation, for applications requiring long coherence length and very narrow line width. The output power is typically in the range of 50% of the original output.

        Initial Installation and Hands-On Training
        One-day on-site installation and hands-on training for 95-SHG series within the U.S. and Canada.


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